The Lewisville community worked hard for an outdoor recreation facility in the late 70's and turned to Forsyth County Parks and Recreation for assistance. Through a cooperative effort between several local community organizations and the County Parks and Recreation Department, a new park in Lewisville emerged. The park was named Joanie Moser Memorial Park in memory of a Lewisville child who was killed by a drunk driver.

The property was purchased by Forsyth County in 1976 from an incorporation formed by the Lewisville Jaycees. Construction of facilities proceeded with a generous donation by the Southwest Forsyth Little League to provide labor and materials for the development of the softball field complex. Additional development proceeded with the County funding and Federal Grant monies from the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. Joanie Moser Memorial Park opened to the public in 1979.

Park development continued in later years with a large picnic shelter complex that is heavily used by picnic groups. Through the vision of the community this park has become a valuable asset for the public.